Live Snakes and Ladders

(Pragmatic Play) Slot Review

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Live Snakes and Ladders slot REVIEW

Live Snakes and Ladders Game ReviewWe don’t know if there is any kind of license involved, but it seems about right that Pragmatic Play is the first to deliver a live game version of the popular board game. Their partner studio, Reel Kingdom, already has several slot versions under their belt after all, and Snakes and Ladders Live takes everything to the next level with engaged live hosts in a game show setting. Fans of the board game should definitely give this one a try, as it comes with all the classic elements that players hold dear, and more.

You can win smaller cash prizes via dice rolls in the main game, but what you really want is to trigger one of the two bonus games. Each round is short and sweet, but it can last up to 1 minute if you trigger a bonus. You’ve got the classic Snakes & Ladders Bonus, which comes with Power Ups to help you out, as well as a nail-biting Snake Totem Bonus where you’ll climb the prize ladder in a more straightforward way. Both features can land you up to 10,000x your stake, and we can only recommend that you check out Snakes and Ladders Live asap.

Snakes and Ladders Live - Game Screen

Snakes and Ladders Live Features & How To Play

The base game is played via 4 dice that are isolated in 4 different chambers, and these dice come with special symbols. You have the Diamond, Star, Snakes & Ladders Bonus, and Snake Totem Bonus dice, respectively. If at least two of the dice show a star or diamond symbol that matches, you win a prize according to the paytable.

You trigger the Snakes & Ladders Bonus if at least 2 dice show the SL symbol, and this means that a 5th die will be rolled to determine which bonus level you get. The 5th die will reveal either the Gold, Silver, or Bronze tier of the Snakes & Ladders Bonus feature. You need at least 3 dice to reveal the ST symbol to trigger the Snake Totem Bonus Game, however.

The Snakes & Ladders Bonus plays out on a 8x8 grid, and you get ladders that help you up the board and snakes that take you down the board. All the usual game elements are present in other words, and the cash prize tiles increase in value the higher you go. You can collect Power Ups along the way to help you out, and reaching the final top tile lands you 2,000x your stake.

Landing on a Power Up tile gives you 1 of the 4 following modifiers:

Speed Dice - gives you 2 dice rolls in a row.

Lucky Ladder - takes you directly to a ladder, and up that ladder.

Repeat Chance - awards a second dice roll.

Double Win - boosts your current win by x2.

The Snake Totem Bonus is divided into many different levels, and the higher you climb the better prizes you will win. You can also land on multiplier levels that boost your current win, and climbing all the way to the top awards the top prize of 2,000x your stake. Below is an overview of the RTP of the different bet types and features:

Diamonds: 96.30%

Stars: 96.30%

Stars & Diamonds Combo: 96.30%

Snake Totem: 95.09% - 96.26%

Snakes & Ladders Bronze: 95.57% - 96.26%

Snakes & Ladders Silver: 95.18% - 96.31%

Snakes & Ladders Gold: 95.71% - 96.42%

Below is an overview of the hit rate of the different features:

Any bonus has a hit rate of 1 in every 5.6 rounds.

Snakes Totem comes with a hit rate of 1 in 21.6 rounds.

Snakes and Ladders Bronze comes with a 1 in 15 rounds hit rate.

Snakes and Ladders Silver comes with a 1 in 23 rounds hit rate.

Snakes and Ladders Gold comes with a 1 in 45 rounds hit rate.

Snakes and Ladders Live - Game Screen

Review Summary

We have certainly enjoyed the Snakes & Ladders slot installments from Pragmatic Play partner, Reel Kingdom, and this Live Game version from Pragmatic themselves didn’t disappoint either. There is a reason this board game is so popular across the world after all, and it’s even more engaging when there are massive cash prizes on the line. The simplicity of the game makes it perfect for the live studio game show experience, and it’s all presented in crisp HD quality by live hosts that know their trade.

We are almost surprised that Evolution Gaming didn’t get ahead of Pragmatic Play with this concept, but the provider hardly matters that much anyway. Snakes and Ladders Live offers tons of excitement and nerve-racking ladder climbing, and both bonus rounds are capable of dishing out up to 10,000x your stake. The dice rolls are mechanical instead of digital, which we appreciate, and we will definitely be back for more ladder climbing action many times in the future. We give this effort both thumbs up, and it’s a must try for any live game fan.


Live Snakes and Ladders Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Snakes and Ladders Live?

The overall RTP of Snakes and Ladders Live is 96.3 %, which is above average in comparison to online slots.

How volatile is Snakes and Ladders Live?

It depends on your bet level, of course, but overall this is a low to medium volatility game from Pragmatic Play.

What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 10,000x your stake in either of the bonus rounds, which is a solid max win by any measure.

Dice are rolled to move you across the board game, and ladders take you to higher levels with better cash prizes to collect. Power Ups can help you out as well, while Snakes take you down to lower levels. There are 3 different tiers of this feature.

Is there a free spins mode in Snakes and Ladders Live?

Not in the traditional sense, but there are 2 bonus rounds in this game.

How does the Snake Totem Bonus work?

It’s a more ordinary prize ladder, and you can also land on multiplier boosters that increase your current win.

Can I play Snakes and Ladders Live Game for free?

No, there is no demo game to try since this is a live game. However, you will find casinos below where you can observe and learn until you feel ready to place your bet and join the fun.

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