Roulette MAX

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€2000 / $3000 / 20 000kr
200 free spins

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€2000 / $3000 / 20 000kr
200 free spins

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€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
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$5000 + 300 fs
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Roulette MAX slot REVIEW

Roulette MAX Game ReviewWith Roulette Max NetEnt has enhanced and boosted the regular roulette experience, and made it far more attractive due to the massive potential. While regular roulette offers a measly max win of 36x your stake for a straight bet win, Roulette Max can land you 5,000x payouts if your straight bet lands across all 4 wheels.

The Main Wheel sits in front, while the 3 X Wheels can be seen in the background. Compressed air and motors run the show, while the Live Host comments on the action. You can place bets up to £75,000 on high roller tables, but even penny punters can win big here, with bets as small as 10p. Animations, live chat and music creates an immersive gambling environment, that can be streamed in crisp HD-quality across all platforms and devices.

Roulette Max Features & How to Play

You play Roulette Max more or less as you play regular european roulette, but this game comes with enhanced options and 3 extra wheels. You have 20 seconds to place your bet via the game interface, and the wheels spin automatically as compressed air shoots the ball into play.

Everything is down to gravity and luck from that point forward, and you can play live on both mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop. You place your main bets on the Main Wheel that sits in front of the 3 “X Wheels”. This includes both straight bets and inside bets, just like you would on a regular roulette table.

The main innovation here is that you can win across multiple wheels. This adds a totally new layer of excitement to the gameplay, and it can really boost your winnings. It also gives you some brand new betting options. Here is a brief overview of how Roulette Max works:

Combination bets only pay if at least 2 wheels show the same result.

You can wager on the sum of 4 results when you place a spread bet.

Column bets pay if you get the same result in at least 2 of the 4 wheels.

You need to land the same color on 3 or 4 wheels to win with color bets.

Inside bets pay based on the main wheel result only.

Straight up bets pay 28:1 on the main wheel (instead of the standard 35:1), but the payout is boosted significantly if you get the same result also on at least 1 of the X wheels.

The Max Bet option pays if ANY number is repeated across multiple wheels. This means that you don’t need to place your bet on a specific number.

We know this all sounds a bit complicated when you read about it, but don’t worry. You have an easy to follow in-game tutorial that explains everything, and the Live Presenter will also guide new players and explain how everything works.

Here is an overview of Roulette Max bets, payouts and RTP:

Main Bet:

Straight - all 4 wheels | 4999:1 (97.05%)

Straight - any 3 wheels | 499:1 (97.05 %)

Straight - any 2 wheels | 49:1 (97.05 %)

Straight - Main Wheel | 28:1 (97.05 %)

Line Bet (Main Wheel only):

Split | 17:1 (94.74 %)

Street (3 line) | 11:1 (94.74 %)

Corner | 8:1 (94.74 %)

Six line | 5:1 (94.74 %)

Corner Bet:

Column: 4 numbers| 11:1 (97.41 %)

Column: 3 numbers | 5:1 (97.41 %)

Column: 2 numbers | 0:1 (Push) (97.41 %)

The Max Bet:

Any number on 4 wheels| 499:1 (91.96%)

Any number on 3 wheels | 49:1 (91.96%)

Any number on 2 wheels | 4:1 (91.96%)

Any number on 2 wheels, another number on 2 wheels | 9:1 (91.96%)

Color Bet:

4 wheels with same color| 3:1 (93.35%)

3 wheels with same color | 2:1 (93.35 %)

Spread Bets:

Spread bets 1 - 0 to 17 | 299:1 (95.80 %)

Spread bets 1 - 18 to 36 | 19:1 (91.14 %)

Spread bets 1 - 37 to 82| 1:2 (95.05%)

Spread bets 1 - 83 to 96 | 4:1 (93.17 %)

Spread bets 1 - 97 to 119 | 7:1 (96.22 %)

Spread bets 1 - 120 to 144 | 84:1 (92.86 %)

Review Summary

We always applaud innovation, as this is what drives the industry forward. NetEnt has basically injected regular roulette with a healthy dose of steroids, and the result is a highly volatile and exciting 4 wheel roulette game that pays up to 5,000x your stake. This means that even penny punters can win big here, which is something regular roulette doesn’t offer.

The downside is that Roulette Max comes with a somewhat lower overall RTP of 97.05 %, while regular european roulette offers an average return of 98.37 %. This is far from a game-stopper however, and we believe Roulette Max has what it takes to convert totally new players, including people who perhaps had little interest in roulette from before.


1 Main Wheel + 3 X Wheels

Win across multiple reels to boost payouts

Brand new betting options

Massive wins up to 5,000x are possible


Overall RTP of 97.05 % is a bit below regular roulette

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