Elephant King

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Elephant King slot REVIEW

Elephant King ReviewOf the many awe-inspiring creatures found only in Africa, many believe that the lion, as apex predator, rules them all. But, if you’ve ever had the privilege of seeing an African elephant in real life (and to be clear - we’re talking about the African elephant here, not its less impressive, small-eared Indian cousin), you’d probably disagree. The African elephant takes your breath away. Its scale is simply astonishing and the sound of its trumpeting sends shivers up your spine. It has a long lifespan, fantastic memory, and the capacity to be incredibly gentle. The fact that this slot is titled Elephant King suggests that game provider IGT recognizes this highly intelligent creature, rather than the overgrown pussycat that holds the title, as the true ruler of the animal kingdom. The game is a celebration of the elephant’s sheer awesomeness, and of the African habitat it shares with an array of other beautiful, if perhaps a little less spectacular creatures.

Elephant King is a 5 x 3, 40 payline slot. It offers medium volatility gameplay and an RTP of 96.02%. The minimum bet is €0.75, while the maximum is €1500 (note that min and max bet amounts can vary, depending on the wagering limit set by the casino). The maximum possible win on a single spin is 533x your bet. As the star of the show, the elephant is the top symbol, with a supporting cast of rhino, zebra and gazelle making up the other high symbols. The five lows comprise four card suits and a blue sapphire. Along with these standard symbols, the game has a Wild that appears in stacks on reels 2, 3 and 4, and a Bonus Scatter, which features a beautifully rendered elephant. It occurs on reels 1, 3 and 5 in the Base Game, and on all 5 reels in Free Spins. The Bonus Scatter triggers the Prize Disk feature that plays out in the containers above the 5 reels - but more about that shortly. Overall, the high fidelity of the art, animations and soundtrack, combined with the innovative engine on which the game is built, create a very enjoyable player experience.

A screen of the Elephant King playing space

What are the bonus features?

Elephant King revolves around the Prize Disk feature, an innovative mechanism that adds a new dimension in the Base Game, and takes the excitement up several notches during Free Spins.

Prize Disk Feature

When you set eyes on Elephant King for the first time, you immediately notice the prominent containers above each reel. These display the Prize Disk awards that are up for grabs. On every spin, the contents of each container shift one reel to the left, introducing a new award above Reel 5. The Prize Disk feature itself is triggered when one or more Bonus Scatters land anywhere on the Reels. The triggering Bonus Scatter awards the prize in the container above the reel it landed on. Multiple prizes can be won if you land more than one Bonus Scatter on the same spin. Rewards include credit prizes, or access to the Free Spins bonus. The credit prizes range from 500x to 10,000x the selected coin value, and are stored across playing sessions. In the Base Game, Bonus Scatters only occur on reels 1, 3 and 5, but during Free Spins they can land on any reel.

Free Spins

Elephant King’s Free Spins bonus can only be triggered via the Prize Disk feature. Free Spins is activated when one or more Bonus Scatters land beneath one or more Free Spins symbols in the Prize Disk containers above the reels. Each Free Spins symbol awards 10 spins. The reels become ‘richer’ during Free Spins, with more Bonus Scatters in the mix. Adding further winning potential, the 4 high symbols pay double during Free Spins. Additional free spins are triggered when one or more Extra Spins symbols are awarded via the Prize Disk feature. Each triggering Extra Spins symbol awards 2 free spins.

How to play

The Prize Disk feature isn’t a typical slot mechanism, but one trigger is all you’ll need to appreciate what it brings to gameplay. Here are some Elephant King pointers.

Decide on your session budget, and choose an amount you’re comfortable betting on each spin. The game’s minimum bet is €0.75 per spin, while the maximum is an eye watering €1,500. The higher your bet, the bigger the Prize Disk awards. High rollers - you know what to do!

We recommended that you visit the paytable before you start playing. Click the Paytable button to the top right of the game to access it. If you haven’t encountered the Prize Disk or a similar feature before, we’d also advise that you read the Game Rules, which you can access by clicking the Game Rules button.

For a winning combination, you need to land 3 or more of the same symbol in adjacent positions on one of the game’s 40 paylines, starting from the leftmost reel.

The highly authentic background sounds play a big part in drawing you right into the action, but if you find that the sound of the savannah becomes a little overwhelming, simply click the Audio On/Off button.

Note the Prize Disk awards moving from right to left above the reels. To get your hands on some of that action, you must land one or more Bonus Scatters on Reel 1, 3 or 5.

If hitting the Spin button becomes tiresome, click the Autoplay button on the far right of the console, and choose one of the options, which range from 10 to 50 spins.

To trigger Free Spins, you need just one Bonus Scatter to land below a Free Spins symbol in the Prize Disk containers. Free Spins is where you want to be, because the feature offers a higher frequency of Prize Disk triggers, the potential to win Prize Disk awards on all 5 reels, a 2x Win Multiplier on the top 4 symbols, and the possibility of additional free spins being awarded.

Where to Play Elephant King?

If the prospect of a close encounter with the biggest animal on land is sounding enticing, then it’s time to venture onto the savannah. Elephant King is available for all devices, including smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC. Whether you want to play for real money or try the demo version first, look no further than the page you’re on right now.

Play for real money

Regardless of whether you’re playing a slot for the first or the umpteenth time, your chances of success are the same. So, if you’re feeling lucky right now, don’t dilly dally. We can recommend some established, licensed casinos that offer generous welcome bonuses if you want to play Elephant King for real money.

Play the free demo version

The Prize Disk feature isn’t complex in its functionality, but if you’d like to see it in action before you play for real, check out the demo game. You can play Elephant King for free right here on Slot Catalog.

The 200 Spins Elephant King Experience

We put every game we review through a 200 spin test. As we mention each time, this does not yield results of statistical value, but it does enable us to get a feel for a game, and what it may offer if played for an extended session.

With our Coin Value set at 1, we’re wagering 75 credits on every spin. Our first few spins are largely uneventful, with just a handful of small wins here and there. But wait - something is happening. The ground starts to shake, we’re startled by an almighty trumpeting sound and the next thing we know, an elephant is bearing down on us! This is our first taste of the Prize Disk feature, which we’ve triggered by landing a Bonus Scatter. We scoop 1,300 credits as a reward. We’re still congratulating ourselves when we repeat the feat moments later. This time the feature pays 800 credits.

Soon enough, the familiar shaking of the reels announces the imminent landing of another Bonus Scatter. This time, the Prize Disk feature awards entry to Free Spins. We quickly take advantage of the fact that all high symbols pay 2x, and that Bonus Scatters can land on all 5 reels. On our second free spin, the Prize Disk Feature gifts us another 1,700 credits, thank you very much. Soon after that, a 5 of a Kind win with the zebra (High 3) wins us almost 24 times our triggering stake. The Prize Disk feature then triggers on consecutive spins, and both times we win 2 additional free spins. Nice! Next, we hit a satisfying win of 36x our triggering stake, for landing 3 elephants (High 1) with a Wild substituting. Yet another Prize Disk trigger, and we win another 1,200 credits. One more, and this time 1,500 credits are ours! We exit Free Spins with almost 73x our triggering stake - a very good return in anyone’s book.

We started our test with a balance of 7,810 credits, and finished with 14,581 credits! We love the Prize Disk feature, and the fact that it occurs frequently: over 200 spins, we triggered it 3 times in the Base Game, and a further 5 times during Free Spins. We’ll certainly be back!

Review Summary

Elephant King provides a highly entertaining experience, as evidenced by its popularity since it was released in 2017. The Prize Disk feature has a lot to do with this. The violent shaking of the reels as it’s about to trigger, along with the anticipation of excellent rewards, make this a feature you never tire of. With each trigger resulting in wins that range from decent to fantastic, or in Free Spins being awarded, the Prize Disk feature never disappoints. The fact that it is present in both Base Games and Free Spins makes gameplay feel fluid and seamless. Free Spins is certainly worth playing for. The Prize Disk feature triggers frequently, and you’ve also got the 2x multiplier on all high symbol wins in your favour. Free Spins often goes on longer than the initial 10 spins, because extra spins can be awarded during the feature.

It’s impossible not to like Elephant King, but as with any slot, if you look hard enough you’re bound to find something that could be a little better. In this case, we have just one criticism: when you visit the paytable, immersion in your gameplay session comes to a very abrupt end. Sure, we know that most players spend little time studying the paytable. Still, it is part of the game, and with its white background, Elephant King’s paytable looks unloved and unfinished. This detracts from the quality of what is a highly polished slot in all other respects, but it’s no dealbreaker. Elephant King gets a big thumbs up overall.

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Wolf Ridge, also from IGT, is similar to Elephant King in many respects. It has a wildlife theme and its RTP is almost identical to Elephant King’s, but the main commonality between the two games is the Prize Disk feature. In Wolf Ridge, this comes with Alpha and Pack Multipliers that increase Prize Disk awards, and do not feature in Elephant King.

If we’re talking about slots that combine a wildlife-theme with an exceptional engine, then we simply have to mention the Aristocrat classic, Buffalo. First released as a land-based game in 2008, Buffalo has become one of the most played slots of all time, inspiring countless offshoots and imitations on the way. What players love about it is the Multipliers in Free Spins. If you haven’t played this game, we highly recommend it.

Of course, for many players, it’s the starring creatures that make Elephant King great. If it’s about the elephants for you, then you’ll like King Tusk, a 2017 release from Microgaming. Theme aside, the game’s main drawcard is the Free Spins bonus, which offers a choice of 3 distinct Free Spins games, each with different features.


Elephant King Slot FAQs

What is Elephant King’s Return to Player (RTP)?

The game has an RTP of 96.02%, which is about as close as you can get to the 96% average for online slots.

Does Elephant King have a Free Spins mode?

Yes. The Free Spins feature comprises 10 spins, during which all high symbols pay 2x, and the Prize Disk feature can trigger on any of the reels. You can only get into Free Spins via the Prize Disk feature.

How volatile is Elephant King?

This is a medium volatility slot.

How does the Prize Disk feature work?

5 containers above the reels display Prize Disk feature awards. On every spin, the contents of each container move one reel to the left, and a new award appears above reel 5. When a Bonus Scatter lands on reel 1, 3 or 5 in the Base Game, the feature awards the prize above the reel on which it landed. The Prize Disk feature can award cash prizes or 10 Free Spins. During Free Spins, the Prize Disk feature can trigger on any reel.

Can I play Elephant King for free?

Yes, the demo game can be found at the top of this review. You don’t have to register to play the demo.

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